Drill Pipe & Heavy Weight

TSC Drill Pipe Catalog

TSC Drill Pipe is designed and manufactured in the USA to provide you with the longest drill pipe life and highest string integrity in the industry. TSC is an API licensed 5DP and 7-2 manufacturer with a unique multiple-heat/multiple-blow forging process, which is carefully controlled, keeping stress risers in the upset almost non-existent resulting a drill pipe with superior fatigue resistance.


The PTECH+™ connection is a patented high torque threaded connection designed to outperform other double shoulder connections intorsion, flow rates, tension, and fatigue. The PTECH+™ connection provides increased torque while still maintaining a streamlined geometric design. Torque capacity averages85% ‐ 280% greater than API connections of the same OD and ID dimensions and 2% ‐ 40% greater than nearly all other proprietary high torque connections of the same OD and ID dimensions. Design has gone through intensive testing and design validation.

TSC Drill Pipe Catalog


  • Size Range: 2-7/8″ through 8-3/4″
  • Grades: All API Grades and TSC Grades
  • Connections: All API Connections, PTECH+™, The “TSC” Connection Series, and TSDS
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