Electrical Distribution & Power Transformers

With 50 years of experience, MAGNETRON S.A.S. builds and supplies state of the art electrical distribution and power transformers, built with the finest quality materials using most advanced manufacturing technology and tested according to the NTC, ANSI or IEC standard established tests.
MAGNETRON S.A.S. created and developed its own Computer-Aided Design and Calculation System for transformers, which allows to obtain the most economical alternative, according to the customer’s needs, following the requirements of the standards and the reliability concept of the equipment.

Step Up Transformers (SUT)

The Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) system is intended to lift large volumes of fluids in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Several variables in the lifting process affect the production level. The variable speed drive (VSD) enables the operator to control performance of the ESP system, changing the speed of the motor installed at the bottom of the well, by making changes in the frequency.


Motors installed at the bottom may generate a maximum torque depending on the voltage applied to their terminals at a given frequency. Due to the differences in fluid properties, it is necessary to vary the motor speed in order to obtain the maximum torque; this is achieved by modifying the voltage applied at the motor terminals. This is one of the reasons for using VSD in ESP systems.
Typically, VSD output voltages are lower than those required by the ESP system motor for optimal operation. In addition, since the VSD operating frequency varies depending on the well characteristics and, given that the VSD wave contains harmonics, use of a conventional transformer is not possible in these cases. For these reasons, a special step-up transformer must be used.

Phase Shift Transformers (PST)

The many benefits of variable speed drives (VSD) in ESP pumping systems have led to exponential growth in the use of these devices in production fields handling high fluid output levels. The use of VSDs causes some difficulties when connected to the electrical power system; due to the fact that static power converters produce non-linear loads, affecting the natural sine shape of alternating current, introducing hamonic currents into the electric power network that could cause interference in the communication circuits and damage the equipment installed on the network.

Phase Shift Transformers

Specially designed Phase Shift Transformers (12 Pulse & 24 Pulse) mitigate the effect of speed drives when connected to the network, by reducing the harmonics reaching the electrical netwrok, depending on the number of pulses of the VSD. The harmonic distortion is mitigated by incresing the number of rectifying sections used in the VSD.


The ESP system can be divided into two main equipment groups, located downhole and at the surface, and connected to each other by a power cable.
The need to protect people and the environment, while maximizing operational functionality of the surface equipment led to the development of Skids for this specific application.

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